About Us

Sintel Infotech Private Limited (SIPL) is a leading organization in Skill Development Training & Coaching for all Competetive Exam landscape, building skill manpower pool for industry requirements. The company is also one of the largest skills provider offering training in the following sectors IT, Garments, Beauty, Retail, Logistics, Telecom and Service Sector.

Good Qualification lead to better placement & for having better placement, students should have the ability to produce placements. The Govt has made considerable efforts to enhance the skill of youth to shorten the gap between demand and supply of skilled workforce. In our country a big part of population is underemployed or unemployed & industry is facing shortage of skilled worker.

Henceforth, SIPL is a unique platform which serves to utilize the skill of youth in a productive manner for their better future & is making efforts to provide training to EDUCATED as well as UNEDUCATED youth to upgrade their skills & get better employment opportunities so that they can sustain their lives.

At SIPL, we believe that our responsibility is not limited to Training. Its scope is much wode. We provide various Scholarships & organise free seminars to boost the enthusiasm of youth. We try to be ethical & honest in all our intrections with our trainees, partners as well as employees. We are continuously trying to make better changes over the years & as the saying goes "NONE OF US CAN CHANGE OUR YESTERDAY, BUT ALL OF US CAN CHANGE OUR TOMORROW".

We endeavour to bring this change positively for empowering a new Generation.